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Trouts Journal

Veuve And Valentines- Don’t Miss Out!

Ivan Orsic / Feb 10, 2016

Alright guys- we'll start this off by saying "You can thank us later".

Whether you've been fishing throughout the winter, or are waiting for spring to get here to resume your on-water adventures, there's nothing better than kicking off a new year with some new fishing gear!

While I'm certain not a single one of you has procrastinated in getting that special someone in your life a Valentine's Day gift for this upcoming weekend, what about a gift for you?

If you're following where I'm going with this then read on to see exactly how to make this work for you.

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4pm-close, send your significant other on down to the shop to do her Valentine's Day shopping for you! In order to make the shopping experience all the more enjoyable, we're going to have some bottles of Champagne at the ready to ensure proper hydration is maintained while we go around and do the shopping for her.

How do we do the shopping you ask? Simple. Have you checked out the Wishlist feature on our site? Simply browse around on our online store, add the items you'd like to your Wishlist and once complete, utilize the option to email the list directly to whomever you'd like. All that's left now is for that special someone to print off the list, bring it in, and we'll take care of the shopping portion of picking out those items!

Never used the Wishlist before? Click HERE to see a tutorial on exactly how it works!

Just remember- this Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4pm to close! She gets some free Champagne. You get some new fishing gear. It's a win-win all the way around!

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