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Trouts Journal

Video Gear Review: Simms Pro Wading Staff

Ivan Orsic / May 5, 2015

Purchase the Pro Wading Staff HERE

Hey everyone, Kyle Wilkinson from Trouts Fly Fishing here to tell you about the Simms Pro Wading Staff. Using this staff couldn’t be easier to use and if you’re in the market for a new wading staff, I highly recommend you give this one a look. To start, you’ll see the Pro Wading Staff comes standard with a form fitting neoprene case to that features a wading belt compatible loop so you can keep your staff handy at all times when on the river. When you’re ready to use the Pro Wading staff simply remove from the neoprene case, open the FastLock snap located near the handle, and pull firmly. The Pro Wading staff will link together and this little silver pop out tab let’s you know you’re locked in place. Once locked and secured, the final step is to simply slide the handle to your desired height- which can be adjusted from 51”-56”. Snap the FastLock system closed and you’re ready to go. When you’re finished using your wading staff, simply open the snap, push in the silver tab, and pull the staff apart. Fold the 4 sections back together and replace in the neoprene case. The Pro Wading Staff is made out of carbon fiber, features a contoured cork handle to ensure maximum grip in wet conditions, a padded wrist strap and includes a quick release buckle that can be affixed to Simms wading staff retractor. Again, this is the Simms Pro Wading Staff and you can get it right here at Trouts Fly Fishing, or online at Troutsflyfishing.com. Thanks.

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