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WATCH: Five Flies for August 2022 with Russ Miller

Ivan Orsic / Aug 11, 2022

Full disclosure, we missed our first episode of Five Flies in four years. Our bad. But, we're back and we're excited to talk about flies for the closing month of Summer. The beginning of August brought bumps in flows from the reservoirs that feed many of our favorite watersheds. While there are still some fishery-specific closures, there's a general trend of increased flows and decreasing water temperatures. Tricos, caddis, and terrestrials will dominate as the primary food sources, as we progress through the month of August. August is a terrific time to escape the heat and head into the high country to chase small creek and alpine lake residing trout.

In this month's episode, host Ivan Orsic and co-host Tanner Smith welcomed Umpqua's Russell Miller back into the studio to talk about flies, presentations, and theories behind chasing fish as our days start getting shorter with fall (our favorite time to be on the water) on the horizon. Stay ready...

We also answered a couple of commenter questions about rigging, bug choice, and fishing techniques. If you have a question about September fishing - leave a comment down below on the YouTube video. NEXT MONTH, our special guest will be CHARLIE F'N CRAVEN, so bring your best questions for the man, the myth, the legend. If we pick yours, you'll WIN a Trouts Prize Pack - including prizes from Rising Fish and Umpqua! We're stepping up our game in this regard and we're excited to show you what we have for your upcoming prize packs with a little help from some of our favorite brands.

For the month of August, the Five Flies are available at our Denver location and online.


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