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Trouts Journal

WATCH: Five Flies for July 2020 | We're Moving the Shop Edition

Ivan Orsic / Jul 8, 2020


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For this month's episode of Five Flies, we come from the banks of the Denver South Platte on the deck at our brand new Denver shop we've affectionately dubbed Trouts on the Platte.

We're in the meat of summer. The prime time. The good stuff. Bugs a plenty. Hatches galore. PMDs, Sallies, Stoneflies, Drakes, Caddis, BWOs, Midges...and HOPPERS. It's the season to throw dry flies and dry droppers. So, with that in mind, we've picked out five dry flies that should be in your fly box for the month of July whether you're floating your favorite freestone or getting after it on your local tailwater.

Get your Five Flies for July In-Store or Online!

For information about the Denver location move, CLICK HERE. To make an in-store appointment, CLICK HERE!

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