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Trouts Journal

WATCH: Five Flies for May 2020 | Front Range Edition featuring Rick Mikesell

Ivan Orsic / May 8, 2020


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For this month's episode of Five Flies, we let our own Rick Mikesell loose on the Front Range to do what he does best. Catch all sorts of Front Range species in all sorts of water.

May is a great time to get into some quality fishing close to home for a variety of species including carp, bass, panfish, trout, walleye, and pike. In the interest of maintaining appropriate distance, this episode might lack a little more of that cinematic touch. We sent Rick out with his iPhone and a couple of GoPros to capture some of his time on the water this time of year.

Rick breaks down his approach, fly choice, and how he likes to fish those flies for his Front Range favorites.

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