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Trouts Journal

WATCH: Five Flies for October 2020 || Stillwater Brookies with Bob Reece & Tanner Smith

Ivan Orsic / Oct 7, 2020


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For this month's edition of Five Flies, Trouts own Tanner Smith met up with Umpqua Signature Designer Bob Reece in a little slice of brookie heaven up on Horse Creek Ranch in Wyoming. You might know Bob as the Thin Air Angler on the internets. Tanner LOVES brookies. LOVES them. Especially in October when they get all colored up and looking regal in their finest colorations of the year. But, enough about brookies.

October is the first true month of fall. Days are getting shorter. Nights are getting cooler. Fall is a great time to throw streamers and pick off risers with a well-presented blue-winged olive. It's also a great time to throw hopper-dropper, an oft-overlooked fact.

Get your Five Flies for October in-store & online!

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