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Trouts Journal

We Want Your Photos!

Ivan Orsic / Feb 4, 2015

So here's the deal, we all know what eachother around the shop looks like holding a fish. Pair that with as much time as we spend around eachother on a daily basis and it becomes quickly determined things need a little freshening up. That's where you come. We send anglers out the door every day with flies, rods, reels, waders, boots...you name it basically...all with an aqueous destination in mind. Yet we rarely get the opportunity to see the end results. With that in mind, we'd love it if you start sharing a little of your adventure with us!

To start, you know that giant big screen TV hanging on the wall on the main level of the shop? Consider this your new "Brag Board". Enough with the old corkboard and thumb tacks, we're doing this up right! Send your hi-resolution pictures (1920x1080, at least 72ppi if you want it up on the big screen) and we'll start working them into the rotation for all to see.

Also, did you know our Instagram has the highest number of followers of any fly shop, anywhere (over 4000)!? Show the world your skills and start #troutsflyfishing with your personal Instagram pics. We'll start regularly searching this hashtag and reposting on our own page!

Additionally, we'll also be showing off your accomplishments through our newsletters, blog posts and Facebook. We know our customers are talented anglers and now the whole world is getting ready to know!

All photo submissions can be sent to rick@troutsflyfishing.com.

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to let us know. Thanks!

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