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Trouts Journal

Weekend Report: Deckers

Ivan Orsic / Dec 9, 2014

I’m not a difficult person to figure out. There are a lot of things I like in life. There are also several things I LOVE in life. My wife, family, and dogs certainly make the list. Also not to be left out are being outdoors, chicken fried steak (for any meal of the day), hot coffee, cold beer, and SIGHT FISHING. While all fishing is great, I simply can’t get enough of stalking around and finding specific fish to target.

So as local angler -and now blog regular- Lee Molvie (who also shares a love for sight fishing and chicken fried steak) and I decided where to head last Saturday, the forecast presented a slight challenge. Clouds. Cloudy skies are the exact opposite of what you hope to find when head hunting is your goal. Afterall, it’s tough to spot fish when the clouds prevent you from seeing them! Additionally, when it comes to the month of December (and the next several), clouds are a hindrance because they typically prevent the day from really warming up and getting the fish active. Warm, sunny days and good winter fishing typically go hand in hand. And no matter the season, sunny days and sight fishing always go hand in hand.

So now for the saving grace of the South Platte- low flows. With our minds set on Deckers, we knew the 100cfs flows wouldn’t leave a lot of hiding places for fish that did decide to get active. Lee and I both spend a great deal of time on the Platte and put together a game plan that we felt confidant would get results. (and hopefully leave us catching fish we were specifically targeting)

We got to the river early and managed to get a few in the net at our first spot. Then came a bit of a lull. We hit several spots that seem to always hold fish, and sure enough there they were. And boy, were they cranky. No big deal we thought, we’ll go find some happier fish. While finding fish proved to be not much of an issue, finding feeding fish was. We couldn’t buy a bite. After experiencing varying degrees of slight to severe frustration (and possibly using a few choice words not suitable for church), we continued on determined to add a few more to the days total.

Around 1pm, the fish Gods finally woke up from their nap and decided to get a few fish active. Thankfully enough, we were there to partake in the bounty. While it never got ‘easy’, we found feeding fish and after multiple drifts (insert 20-30 sometimes) we started to put some numbers on the board…

Saturday proved two very important lessons for fishing this time of year- 1) Don’t give up and 2) Fish with confidence. In my opinion, from viewing the pictures below, it wouldn’t appear we had a serious 3-hour lull in the action where a smile on either of our faces was not to be found. Sticking with it is the name of the game these next few months! Fish hard and capitalize on those windows of opportunity when the fish get in a good mood. As you’ll see below, the results would put a smile on anyone’s face.

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