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Trouts Journal

Weekend Report: South Platte and the Orvis Recon

Ivan Orsic / Feb 3, 2015

This past Saturday once again found my 4Runner headed South. The plan involved picking up local angler and friend of Trouts, Blake Nelson, followed by a quick stop for breakfast, followed by a rendezvous at the South Platte with Dave from the shop (and his dog Blue, a.k.a the best fishing dog ever)

The chicken fried steak and egg breakfasts at O’brien’s in Sedalia always seem to hit the spot, and we figured this was a good place to start the day. (If you’ve never stopped here, go look in the mirror, ask yourself “What’s wrong with me?” and then add it to the list next time you’re passing through the area) After a respectable display of gluttony at said eatery, we were back in my rig, enjoying some coffees to go, and counting off the miles as we wound up into the mountains and out of cell reception.

As usually seems to be the case on these day trips, we decided to head upriver to start, followed by steadily working our way downstream as things progressed. The weather forecast was looking very marginal for the day, and the brief hints of sunshine that accompanied the group as we wadered up were virtually gone by the time we finally stepped foot in the river. They say there’s 300 days of sunshine here a year….I’m sure starting to wish one of those would accompany me to the river sometime soon. It seems lately that if we need a gray/wet/snowy day, all I need to do is go fishing. On the plus side, I’m getting really good at sight fishing without sunshine so I guess I’ll just have to take it as it comes. (as if there’s really any other option)

It didn’t take long at location one before we all put a fish or two in the net. It seems lately that a San Juan worm, trailed by something small and dark (pick your favorite--juju baetis, black beauty, rs2, pheasant tail) is all you need to trick fish on the Platte when they decide to move shallow and feed. Last year at this time anything small and red seemed to be killing it for me- not the case now. This winter black/brown seems to be the ticket (for me at least). As always seems to be the case though (over fly selection), covering water was the name of the game. We covered A LOT of ground on Saturday as we hunted down feeding fish. There were a handful landed from just fishing likely looking water, however the majority of our bites still happened when we were actually looking at the fish holding off shelves, next to boulders, nosed into a riffle, etc.

Another bonus of Saturday was my new shipment of Orvis Recons had just arrived a few days prior (to use for the upcoming guide season) and we all decided to put them to use. I have to say, these rods are the real deal. I wish I could provide Dave’s description of their casting/mending abilities, however, in the interest of keeping this Blog appropriate for all ages, you’ll just have to come into the shop and ask him his thoughts. Let’s just say though he’s already placed his order with Orvis to get a few Recon’s of his own. About mid-afternoon I decided to swap out rods and fish my 5wt Orvis Superfine Glass for the remainder of the day. The shorter 8’ length is deadly accurate when roll casting to shallow, feeding fish and I’ll never get tired of seeing it bent to the cork once connected to a hot one. Such a fun rod to spend the day with.

Throughout the day we saw everything from wind to sun to rain to snow, and then back through that rotation many more times. We often joke on these types of days that “you gotta want it” because nothing is most likely going to happen easily. The good news with the South Platte though is that she is what I consider a “fair” river, so to speak. Meaning if you do your part correctly, she’ll almost always return the favor.

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