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Trouts Journal

Weekend Report: The Birthday Trout(s)

Ivan Orsic / Jan 20, 2015

Well, I did it……I turned 30. Whether I liked it or not, last Friday marked the first day of no longer being in my 20’s. While the actual day consisted of being in the shop, there didn’t seem to be a much better way to celebrate on Saturday than (you can probably guess) go fishing……

With instructions from the Mrs. to be back at a reasonable hour on Saturday for a birthday dinner, the options for the day were pretty much limited to the South Platte – which I’ll never complain about. The weather was supposed to be great, the sun shining, and I knew we’d be able to find some willing players. This plan had been on the books all week and Deckers had been our destination, however as I sat sipping a cold one with my wife Friday night at local ‘designer burger' place (I know, I know…..) I get a text from the usual suspect, Lee Molvie that simply said “Cheesman?”……

As we were sipped coffee heading down the highway the next morning, our options were discussed. Given the forecast for the day, and the fact than many folks in this town are no longer focused on football, we figured both Deckers and the Canyon would be seeing it’s fair share of anglers. We decided to approach the river from the top, which would allow us to scope the Cheesman lot. If it was already packed by the time we got there we’d fish Deckers. To our delight, the lot was surprisingly empty. Let’s do this.

I’ll be interested to hear the reports this week from other anglers who fished Cheesman to see how they fared. (there were quite a few people who showed up after us) Given the lack of clouds, we expected to see fish everywhere….not really the case. Moreover, we also expected to see a bunch of fish up shallow and feeding eagerly in response to the weather….also not the case. It was beginning to look like we were gonna have to work for it today.

Covering ground and remaining both positive and determined was the key to success on Saturday. Thankfully, this game plan began to pay off…

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