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Trouts Journal

Weekend Report: Valentine’s Day At The Big D.

Ivan Orsic / Feb 17, 2015

Yes it was Valentines day, but that’s not what I’m getting at. My meaning for ‘love was in the air’ is due to my LOVE for sight fishing to shallow, feeding trout…which there was no shortage of Saturday. But let’s back up before I get too ahead of myself.

This past Saturday was Valentine’s Day, and as such, the outcome wasn’t going to be a good one if I showed up from fishing at any hour that could be considered “late”. So, with time not our side, we decided a little half (or hopefully ¾) day at Deckers would at least put a few fish in the net and ensure the Blog stayed current with a few fresh fish pictures. Plus, the forecast was calling for 60 degrees and some sun. You can never argue with that in February.

We’ve been pushing it pretty hard lately on our weekend pursuits and decided to keep last Saturday a little more relaxed. Leave town at 7, head back to Denver at 2. Not a lot of time to make something happen when you start to factor in drive time, rigging/wadering-up time, and the all important stop through Chik-fil-a for breakfast.

We started up high, a little ways above Trumbull. This pocket water section always seems to give up a few fish first thing in the morning. It didn't take long to find a few very big fish sulking in some deep holes but none wanted to play (not surprising). Still, we found a half-dozen shallow feeders and went 2-2-2 between the three of us at location number one. Not a bad start, but time to move. With flows at 100 and the sun shining, there were a lot of fish that wanted nothing to do with us, and headed for deep water at the first sign of a false cast. Thankfully though, a few weren't intimidated by us (big mistake) and managed to hang around long enough to eat San Juan Worm or small midge.

I talk to customers all the time about covering water and sight fishing to actively feeding fish. It seems on my past 3 or 4 trips to Deckers, the fish have acted one of two ways. They’re either eating your flies on the first drift, or it’s taking A LOT of drifts before they finally commit. What I still haven’t figured out- and quite frankly don’t care to at this point- is what makes a trout watch a San Juan Worm drift inches from it’s face 14 times in a row, only to decide to eat it on the 15th drift. Like I always say, if they’ll stay put and let you keep casting, just keep on it. You’ll be amazed how many times this will pay off. At the end of the day, we had countless fish in the net and made it back to the car by 2:30 or so. A quick breaking down of the rods and shedding of the waders made for a timely return back to Denver for dinner with the Mrs. I’d call that a successful day in every sense of the word.

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