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Trouts Journal

Weekly Runoff Update & Forecast: Father’s Day Weekend Edition

Ivan Orsic / Jun 14, 2017

Welcome back to my weekly installment of the Trouts' Runoff Update & Forecast. This last week, we witnessed a tremendous amount of movement as it pertains to our winter snowpack, with river levels across the state climbing substantially thanks to a bout of high mountain temperatures. The surprising thing was that even as river levels rose, clarity remained marginal to good on a number of freestone rivers. This meant that while the water was high, the fishing was actually very productive. It was another healthy reminder that there is ALWAYS fishing to be had during runoff.

So now on to the good stuff, what does runoff have in-store for us this week? At this time, I feel confident in claiming that our annual runoff peaked over this past weekend, and we should see stable and falling flows, as we continue to move through June. We could certainly see spikes in flows due to rain, but any major increases due to snowmelt should be in our rearview mirror. This is great news for all us anglers, as there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, and we will only see fishing become more productive as we move into Summer. With that said, river levels across the state are still at high and dangerous levels, so please wade and float with caution. There have already been multiple fatalities on a number of Colorado Rivers, so please wade safely and always remember to wear a PFD when in a boat.

In terms of a fishing report, things should be fishing pretty consistently on freestone rivers using larger attractor nymph patterns, as well as stones, caddis, leeches and mayflies. The salmon fly hatch is still happening or about to happen on a few Colorado rivers, but most streams are seeing good hatches of caddis, smaller stones and a mix of mayflies. Always feel free to call either of our store locations for more details on specific streams.

As for tailwaters, we’re seeing varying flows out of our state's holding ponds currently. With runoff in the falling stages, reservoir levels are nearly full meaning that what is going is is normally what needs to come out. So as we see river levels drop, so too will the flows into some of our favorite tailwaters. Keep in mind that there are a number of tailwaters that have lower flows right now, so not everything in the state is currently running high. All of the South Platte tailwaters, in addition to the Williams Fork and Frying Pan are currently running at ideal fishing flows.

That’s it for this weeks installment of the Trouts Runoff Update & Forecast, look forward to our next update next week.


Tucker Ladd

Owner, Trouts Fly Fishing

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