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Trouts Journal

Welcome to Trouts: Introducing Kyle Wilkinson

Ivan Orsic / Sep 27, 2014

A Colorado transplant from Kansas, Kyle came to Trouts from the banking world, where he did sales, marketing and small business lending for the past 6 years. He wasn't totally new to the Trouts culture though, as he was already serving as one of our fly fishing guides on the side. When the Marketing Manager position came open last July, it was a natural transition for him to make the move to being full time at the shop. Kyle still serves as one of our fly fishing guides as well.

1. Describe your perfect day on the water? This is going to be a two part answer 1) a summertime float down a Montana river with good friends 2) Any day on a flats skiff specifically hunting for Permit.

2. What 3 pieces of fly-fishing gear would you never leave home without and why? 1.) Simms G3 Guide boots- hands down the most comfortable wading boots I’ve ever worn. 2.) Costa 580G Blackfin Sunglasses. The world just looks better through a pair of 580’s. 3.) Abel Nippers. I used to roll my eyes at these because of the price, but like most things in fly fishing, you get what you pay for and these really are the best. They need to make stickers like Jeep does, “It’s an Abel Nipper thing…you wouldn’t understand”

3. Favorite river in Colorado? I should say the Yampa because it’s where I caught my personal best trout....but honestly I think I’m going to have to go with the South Platte. I spend a lot of time there and it’s kind of just gotten in my blood a little. It has a good variety of water to fish, great sight fishing and big fish. The real answer should probably just be “whatever river I’m fishing at the time”. I love it all.

4. What is your favorite hatch to fish? Salmonflies are obviously a blast to fish, but I’m going to go with Green Drakes. It’s tough to beat a good Green Drake hatch.

5. What is your most memorable fish? I used to spend my summers in college in Montana and worked at a fly shop on the Madison River. My first summer up there I remember hearing people talk all the time about catching 20”ers in the Madison and I really wanted one. My first 20” up there came that summer during the Salmonfly hatch. It was a Brown trout and crushed my size 4 Royal PMX like it hadn’t eaten in weeks. Thinking about that eat still gets me fired up. My first tarpon is also up there. It was back in the Everglades and I still remember being completely amazed at how strong those fish are. I still am to this day.

6. If you were handed the company credit card and told you needed to leave tomorrow and go fishing for a week, where are you headed? Belize….to work on changing the previous question’s answer to a Permit.

7. Top 3 destinations you dream about? 1. Seychelles 2. Guyana 3. Mongolia

8. What's something people might be surprised to know about you? That I have more than 3 destinations to dream about…. Let’s see. Before moving to Colorado I lived in Kansas and was really into competitive bass fishing. Had the truck and bass boat that went 75mph...the whole deal. I used to travel all over Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma fishing tournaments. I even won a little money doing it and have some trophies in my fly tying room from those days.

9. What music is playing in your truck right now? Reckless Kelly.

10. If you're not at the shop or out fishing, what are you most likely doing? I’m most likely hanging out with my wife and dogs enjoying the Denver life.

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