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Trouts Journal

What Do You Want To Know About Fly Fishing?

Ivan Orsic / Sep 30, 2014

Here on the blog, we make it point to try and provide you with fresh, new, relevant material on a daily basis. Whether it's fishing reports, product reviews, customer events, or just some pictures from a recent trip we took, we want you to have the latest and greatest. And while we know whats on our minds that we want to write about, there's still one piece of the puzzle that's missing....whats on your minds? With that being said, some of you may have seen we are now posting on our Facebook wall every Monday morning the phrase "Let's Hear It". - where you have the opportunity to post about what you'd like to learn. Each week we will pick a minimum of 1 topic that will be discussed and featured as a blog post on Friday. Pretty simple stuff.

We've done this for a few weeks now and the results have led to some very good discussions. Whether it be fishing tips for the season, rigging, fly selection, destination travel- the sky really is the limit with this.

If you have a fly fishing related topic you'd like discussed, head over to our Facebook page and let's hear it!!

Don't use Facebook? No worries! Feel free to participate by emailing me directly at kyle@troutsflyfishing.com as well.


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