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Trouts Journal

Where Should the Water Go?

Ivan Orsic / Feb 27, 2012

Mark Twain once wrote, "Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting." Anybody living in the West knows all too well the contensious issue(s) that surround the use and conservation of one of our most precious resources. And as communities continue to expand across the country, there is little doubt that the Water Wars of the West will continue to grow. Colorado is currently at the forefront of this debate, with Northern Colorado Water Officials looking to divert up to 67% of the water from the Upper Colorado River Basin to the Colorado Front Range. So as the debate over Front Range thirst versus long term health of our States namesake river system wages, Scott Willoughby of The Denver Post urges Gov. John Hinckelooper to take a firm and final stand on this issue.

"As reported last week by Bruce Finley of The Denver Post, state officials stand behind Hickenlooper's contention that Northern Water's current plan to pull an extra 21,296 acre-feet of water a year from the Colorado River near Granby "comprehensively addresses impacts to Colorado's fish and wildlife."

Ironically, the EPA review cited a 2011 state study that documented the disappearance of all native sculpin fish and 38 percent of aquatic insect species over 20 years as a result of existing water diversions. Should Hickenlooper answer the door this morning, someone is sure to ask: Why would state leaders ignore conclusions of their own study?" read the rest of this article

Where this debate goes from here is anybody's guess, but we do feel that Mr. Willoughby is correct that it's time for our elected State Officials to take a final stand on this issue once and for all.

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