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Trouts Journal

Who’s Fishing this Labor Day Weekend?

Ivan Orsic / Sep 2, 2016

Labor day is upon us. The weather forecast this weekend looks good across almost the entire state. Long weekends and nice weather hopefully means there is plenty of time to go fishing and (if you're anything like me) drink a few cold beers. Fishing continues to be hot pretty much everywhere giving an angler plenty of options. If you are planning on getting out this weekend here are a few places to keep in mind.

1.Deckers- It almost goes without saying that we recommend Deckers, but fishing continues to be lights out. The weather looks good all weekend High 70s with a chance of rain Saturday. Being the holiday weekend, traffic here will likely be pretty heavy. A good way to avoid crowds can depend on when you arrive at the water. Try to be the first one there or plan on an afternoon start, fishing until last light. For early mornings try using smaller terrestrials such as a Hopper or Stimulator trailed by a smaller dry fly pattern or emergers such as RS2. As the temps rise throughout the day the fish will move to riffle areas to feed, Big Attractor Dries followed by Caddis and Yellow Sallies will bring fish up. If these fail turn to Nymphs for success again lead with big attractors, stone flies/worms followed by a smaller emerger RS2 and Pheasant Tails in sizes 18-22.

2. The Dream Stream- The Dream Stream continues to have great flows for this time of the year, between 170-175 CFS. With recent cooling temps this has everyone starting to think about the upcoming Fall run. However, it is still a bit early, but that doesn’t mean big fish won’t be found. The weather for the weekend looks good here as well Sunny and high 60s. With the warm weather and flows Go Big, start with double dry rigs Big Hoppers/ Amy ants followed by Caddis/Red Humpy should entice plenty of takes. Focus these patterns in the riffles, at the head of runs as well as pocket water in rock garden areas. If those aren’t producing smaller dries, Adams and Griffiths Gnats sizes 18-20 should lead to seeing noses. Again if all else fails nymphs will produce. Smaller stones as a lead fly dropped to Pheasant tails/ Copper Johns should get the job done.

3. Arkansas River- Although it may be a bit further from the Denver area it’s a great time of the year to hit the Ark. The weather forecast looks great all weekend from Canon City to Leadville, temps cooling the closer you get to Leadville. Dry Flies should be your focus here as terrestrials are enticing fish for electric takes. Chubby Chernobyls, Hoppers and Stimulators will all produce this time of the year. Caddis, Red/ Yellow Humpies and BWO dries will also produce. There isn’t really a section that is fishing better than another so just find a pull off and get after it. Fish will be holding just about everywhere, focus on structure and riffle runs to produce best as the day goes as fish will elevate in front of rocks or move into riffles to feed.

4. Roaring Fork- If you want to get further away the Roaring Fork is a great option this time of year. The weather here looks great all weekend as well so make sure to bring sunscreen. Again I recommend throwing dry flies, as summer is beginning to fade they may not produce the numbers nymphs will but, soon dry flies won’t be an option. The same dry flies from the Ark will produce here. As boat traffic can be high during the weekends, the fish might hold deep, if that’s the case don’t shy away from the streamer box. Black and White streamers should move fish consistently throughout the day.

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