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Trouts Journal

Who’s Fishing This Post-Easter Weekend?

Ivan Orsic / Apr 10, 2015

According to weather.com, it's looking like another beautiful weekend in Colorado is approaching! Here are my thoughts/suggestions on what should be fishing well this weekend.

South Platte- Deckers- As is usually the case, can I start anywhere but here? Every Denver-ites favorite (maybe I'm being too generous with that description) home water is fishing well right now. The flows are low but the fish still have to eat for a living. If you've paid any attention to the latest guide reports, you'll see we're proving that last statement true ever week. Eggs, San Juan Worms, Midges and Baetis have all been putting fish in the bag. If I was heading to Deckers this weekend I'd be looking for one thing- rising fish. The fish are taking note of the afternoon Baetis hatches and we've been catching fish on dry flies on all our recent trips. Try a size 20 Purple Haze, Parachute Adams or Film Critic.

South Platte- Dream Stream- I can't even believe what I'm seeing....flows are starting to rise here. According to the graph I just checked, the Dream is at about 75cfs, up from 50. Normally 75 would still seem pretty darn low but I'm sure the fish will be taking advantage of this extra real estate and start to spread out a little more. Eggs, baetis, and baetis patterns will most likely be your most consistent producers. Expect crowds but also expect some pretty decent fishing. The weather is looking pretty decent as well- low 60's, passing clouds, light-ish winds.

Arkansas- Salida/Canon City- If I had the weekend wide open to go fish, this is most likely where I'd be heading. The BWO fishing has been great and some Caddis are starting to show up as well, particularly around Canon City. Flows are fantastic and the weather looks perfect this weekend- mid/high 70's and some passing clouds. My primary focus here would be to capitalize on the dry fly game but dragging around a rubber legs with a caddis or baetis nymph trailing off the back should also produce throughout the day while you wait for noses to start breaking the surface.

Colorado- This could be a potential roll of the dice, however could also pay big dividends. The river is going to be varying in color from day to day but as long as you've got at least few inches of viz, the fishing should be pretty darn good. We've been hearing lots of good reports from Glenwood Springs up to Pumphouse. This should be 'meat and potatoes' fishing in every sense of the word. A big stonefly nymph followed by a decent size flashy beadhead (think 14's and 16's) should produce. The river is pretty good sized right now so focus on areas close to the bank that offer relief from the current.

Roaring Fork/Frying Pan- If I had the weekend to go fish, and wasn't headed to the Arkansas, Basalt would be my next choice. The Roaring Fork and Frying Pan are both fishing pretty well right now and give the angler the option to fish two totally different types of water within a 10 minute drive. From the sounds of it, the upper 'Pan has been seeing some decent midge and baetis activity, and the nymphing is always going to produce. The Roaring Fork, being a freestone, this will fish much like the Colorado. A stonefly nymph or egg pattern followed by a baetis nymph should keep the rod bent and a smile on your face throughout the day. There's also a lot of little brown trout swimming around in this river right now so throwing a streamer around could definitely be a winning ticket. Looks like mid/high 60's and some passing clouds here as well.

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