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Trouts Journal

Who’s Fishing This (Warm) Weekend!?

Ivan Orsic / Jan 16, 2015

This weekend is looking PRIME to get out and hit the water. Who would have thought mid-January would be looking so mild? While I'm totally supportive of everyone hitting the slopes this weekend (I'm not going to lie, these angler-empty rivers have been nice lately) the fact is, the weather this weekend should produce some fantastic fishing conditions. Moreover, the weather this weekend is providing a great opporuntity to get out and hit some not-so-close-to-home options that A) should be fishing well and B) will be much easier to get to since the roads will be dry.

Deckers, Cheesman and the Blue (what I would consider most Denver-ites home waters) should all be fishing well don't get me wrong....but those are also the most accessible even in less than desireable conditions. Get out and explore people!

So without further delay, here are my thoughts on some options worth exploring, what the weather is looking like (with temps and precip listed as Saturday/Sunday respectively), and most importantly.....what the fish should be eating!

Frying Pan- Basalt, CO- Sunny, 40/44, 20%/0%- Tailwater time! Mysis shrimp will turn fish within the first few miles of the dam. Otherwise I'd focus on midges and baetis patterns primarily.

Dream Stream- Harsel, CO- Sunny, 33/40, 0%/0%- Flows are a little low here, yet with the sun being out in full force I'd expect to see fish pulling up onto the shallow flats adjacent to deep water to feed/sun themselves. Midges, Baets, Worms and Eggs should all produce.

Arkansas Tailwater- Pueblo, CO- Sunny, 56/60, 0%/0%- Fishing in a t-shirt in January? Sure looks like it in Pueblo! Midges and Baetis should be your most consistent producers down here (at what lately has been a serious fish factory based on the reports we're getting!)

Arkansas River- Canon City, CO- Sunny, 50/54, 0%/0%- Being a freestone, the Arkansas throughout the Bighorn Canyon always seems to respond best to warm, sunny days this time of year. Focus on the perimeter edges of the deep 'wintering' zones. Fish a Stonefly nymph or San Juan Worm as your top bug, trailed by midge/baetis nymph. Add a generous amount of split shot and hold on!

Eagle River- Edwards, CO- Sunny, 37/41, 20%/0%- The Eagle should be fished in much the same way as the Arkansas. I also wouldn't hesitate to put a small bunny fur streamer with your favorite flashy beadhead trailing off the back and slowly twitch around the likely looking water!

Colorado River- Kremmling, CO- Sunny, 33/30, 20%/0%- This river, along with the Eagle would probably qualify as the biggest roll of the dice, yet given the forecast, the odds are still greatly in your favor. Use the same patterns listed for the Eagle. The good news here is the crowds should be quite light. Again, focus on the softer water next to the deep, wintering zones and make sure your nymph rigs are getting down to the bottom.

Now the million dollar question.........where will I be heading?! I guess you'll just have to check back early next week for the full report! Good luck out there everyone. Be safe and leave the river cleaner than you found it!

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