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Trouts Journal

Who’s Fishing This Weekend- Halloween Weekend Edition

Ivan Orsic / Oct 30, 2015

I'm not going to lie, choosing 6 rivers to put on here was pretty tough this go'round. The reason for this being that virtually everywhere in the state is fishing very well! It's textbook Fall fishing out there right now and if you haven't been taking advantage of the abundance of fishing opportunities currently staring us in the face, then you're severely missing out. The great thing about the rivers listed below is that you should be able to catch a fish on a dry, nymph or streamer (or likely all 3) on any given day.

South Platte- Whether Deckers, Elevenmile, The Dream Stream or Cheesman is calling your name, the South Platte should be a great option this weekend. The fish have really been keying in on eggs and baetis lately, however midges, stoneflies, worms and small attractor nymphs are still putting plenty of fish in the net as well. Flows are low and water clarity is great. The fish may be a little spooky, but the sight fishing opportunities should be off the charts.

Arkansas- The Arkansas has been fishing lights out lately. Flows are about as perfect as it gets (~400cfs) and the Baetis and Midges have got a hold of the fishes attention lately. From the sounds of it, a few October Caddis are starting to show up as well. Hit this hatch right and get ready to bust out the big size 10-12 caddis dries and hold on tight! If you're looking to 'do it all'- ie. dries, nymphs and streamers- then heading to the Ark is highly advised. Plus, given the amount of water available to fish (particularly between Canon City to Salida) you can always find a stretch of water to call your own.

Frying Pan- It's rare for me to put up one of these weekend forecasts and not mention the 'Pan and the 'Fork. Basalt is one of my favorite places to set up shop for the weekend and get some quality fishing done. The Frying Pan- as is usually the case- continues to fish well. Mysis patterns up top will always produce, and as you head downstream switch it up to midges and baetis. There's still been some decent dry fly fishing during the midday hours as well so keep an eye out for noses breaking the surface. I personally love to streamer fish the Frying Pan also and now is one of the best times of year to do so. Cover water with a small, natural colored streamer and you just might be surprised what tugs back.

Roaring Fork- The Roaring Fork is fishing great right now and is one of the most quintessential rivers in the state to experience some Fall fishing. The streamer bite continues to produce fish (and is exactly what I'd be doing if I was headed here). Otherwise, nymphing with eggs, midges, baetis and stoneflies will surely leave a bend in your rod. From the sounds of it, the 'Fork has been fishing well from Aspen all the way to the confluence with the Colorado. Pick your favorite stretch and go have some fun!

Yampa- If your weekend plans include being up in Steamboat, don't leave your fly-fishing gear at home. The Yampa is in full on Fall-mode right now and the fish are on the feed. Midges, Eggs, and Baetis (are we staring to to see a theme around the state yet?) are producing, as are streamers As is the case everywhere right now, the Brown Trout are spawning so please be careful of fish on redds and do not fish to them. The tailwater stretch of this river (directly below Stagecoach Reservoir) is also fishing very well right now and your normal techy-tailwater patterns should be your go-to.

Poudre- The Poudre is a little low right now but the fishing has remained strong. Blue Wing Olives and midges in both the dry and nymph version are producing fish right now. There are still even some fish willing to eat small terrestrials. If I were heading this direction a 4wt rod with a dry/dropper rig would be my go-to set up. If watching a bobber is more your pace, rig similar to fishing the Platte with small baetis, midge or attractor nymphs. The Poudre is another place where the Brown Trout like to get pretty "chasey" from time to time so don't leave the streamer box at home- small buggers, thin mints and slump busters should be all it takes.

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