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Trouts Journal

Who’s Going Fishing this Memorial Day Weekend?

Ivan Orsic / May 24, 2018

The unofficial start to summer is here. This weekend's weather forecast certainly matches up with temperatures along the Front Range predicted to hit the low 90s. Hell, it's forecasted to hit the low 80s in some of our favorite high country towns. Not to get too hokey, but what better time to enjoy the best that Colorado has to offer while standing knee deep in your favorite trout stream. Flows have been elevated with runoff recently, but that doesn't mean good fishing can't be found. I've done a little research for you guys and here's where I'd recommend fishing this weekend.

Deckers - Deckers? Am I serious? Yes! Why? I have a couple of good reasons. Namely, Golden Stones and Tricos. Sure, Deckers is flowing at 61.6 cfs, which is a little low for this time of year. However, the entire Sizzler buffet is prepped and ready for those South Platte browns and rainbows. Golden Stones, Caddis, Tricos...name a more iconic trio. You can't! Bring your Chubby Chernobyls, your RS-2s, your Elk Hair Caddis, your smaller Pat's Rubber Legs, and your favorite Trico patterns because summer is here on the South Platte. If Deckers is the final decision this weekend, bring your sunscreen. Hell, if you're headed to the high country at all this weekend, make sure to bring your sun hoodies and all the sunscreen. That high country sun is forecasted to be out in full force.

Eagle River - Of all the rivers mentioned in this report, the Eagle is the biggest gamble. But, sometimes you gotta risk it to get the biscuit. Flows have steadied and even fallen week-over-week on the Eagle. High and falling water on freestones can be the most productive time of the year and that situation potentially exists on the middle and lower Eagle this weekend. Those big resident browns will feel a little less wary when the flows are high and a well-presented streamer can fool even the wiliest of freestone browns. If streamers aren't your game, throw big stonefly nymphs, caddis and general attractor nymphs in the soft holding water along banks or on the inside of bends.

The Frying Pan River - Flowing at 110 cfs and holding steady, the Frying Pan has been producing quality fishing all spring. If high water isn't for you, check in on some of the freaks that live below Reudi Reservoir. Midges, Blue Wings, worms, eggs, and, of course, mysis shrimp should all do the trick to fool some of these tailwater misfits. If you miss the Blue-Winged Olives of spring, the upper Frying Pan is still seeing a healthy hatch over the course of the day, so come prepared with BWO dries ranging from size 18 to size 24s...or throw a squirmy worm. They might eat that bug too.

Middle Colorado River - With big salmon flies reported from Rancho up to Pumphouse and flows holding steady around 800 cfs, this year's Salmon Fly hatch could be the most fishable salmon fly hatch in years. Our Frisco guide Josh Diller and Trouts Frisco Assistant Manager Harlan Kimball have both fished the hatch this week and fish are responding well to the big foam. It is the holiday weekend, so that undoubtedly means there will be plenty of boat and foot traffic along this stretch of the river, but it's always worth checking out ole Pteronarcys Californica on the mighty mighty Colorado.

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