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Trouts Journal

Who’s Going Fishing this New Years Weekend?

Ivan Orsic / Dec 29, 2016

The past few weeks have been filled with family, friends, holidays and Broncos let downs. With only New Year's Day remaining before the holidays pass and the Broncos season all but over. The itch to get back on the water is at an all time high. The good news is the weather looks manageable this weekend. While the temptation to enjoy a New Year’s Eve party is definitely going to exist this weekend, I hope fishing is in some of your plans. If it is here are a few places to consider this weekend.

Deckers: Almost always an option this time of the year. Deckers is a great winter fishing outlet close to home that has been fishing well in the recent weeks. The weather this weekend looks pretty good, highs of 45 Friday, 41 Saturday and 43 on Sunday. As I’m writing this flow are holding around 99 CFS near Trumbull. This is a great winter flow and should have fish actively feeding. Look for fish to be holding around just about any structure and stacked in numbers within runs with waist high depth. Lead with an attactor pattern like San Juan Worms or Smaller Stoneflies. Trail the larger attractor patterns with an assortment of midge and baetis patterns. A few shop favorites are Wd-40s, Black Beauties, Zebra Midges, RS2s, Pheasant Tails and Juju Baetis.

Eleven Mile Canyon: Another great winter option along the South Platte. The weather here is similar to Deckers. Highs in Lake George of 44 Friday, 38 Saturday and 41 on Sunday. Keep in mind it will be slightly cooler in the canyon as you work your way towards the dam. Flows here are currently 78.4 CFS which is very fishable for this time of the year. The closer you get to the dam the more fish you will find actively feeding. Focus on finding areas that receive good amounts of sun throughout the day. You will find good numbers of fish in just about any run that looks like it should be holding fish. The nymph game is going to be very similar to Deckers. Midges and Baetis will be the majority of the trouts diet. If you see risers don’t shy away from a dry dropper rig consisting of a midge and small emerger.

Arkansas Tailwater Below Pueblo: With good reason this has become a very popular winter fishery. A great place to shed a layer and enjoy fairly mild temps throughout the upcoming cold months. The weather looks manageable here as well. Highs of 60 Friday, 40 on Saturday and back up to 50 on Sunday. The Ark provides an angler with a bunch of options this time of the year. Streamers, Nymphs and Dries will all produce results. For streamers try a variety or bright or dark colors in a medium size. Yellow, brown, black and olive are four good colors to have in the box. As far as dries and nymphs worms, midges and baetis should all get the job done.

The Frying Pan or the Blue River in Silverthorne: I’m going to combine these two options because the weather looks similar for them both. Highs in Silverthorne and Basalt are going to reach mid to upper 30s all weekend. Both are calling for snow so plan accordingly if you’re going to make the trek. Fishing these tailwaters in the cold can give you some solitude which is generally pretty hard to find on the Pan or the Blue. Mysis, Midges and Baetis will also be the menu for these two rivers. Take advantage of the sight fishing opportunities these two rivers offer as well. Casting to big red striped rainbows can be as fun as it gets when fishing in January. If you are in the area be sure to stop by the Frisco Shop and tell Chris hello to get some real time information on the fisheries.

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