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Trouts Journal

Who’s Fishing This High Water Weekend?

Ivan Orsic / Jun 12, 2015

Many of you may have seen these little "Who's fishing this weekend" posts I do from time to time where I offer a few suggestions on what some good weekend options are for getting a bend in your fly rod. In the interest of keeping the Blog fresh however, I've decided to relenquish this duty to our summer intern and seasoned Trouts fishing guide, Mitchell Blain. So without further adieu, here are Mitchell's thoughts on some good options to get bent this weekend.

1. Still Water Trout: Trust me it's not a boring as it sounds, and no, you don't have to be sitting in a lawn chair fishing a bobber and live worm (or power bait if that's more your style) to catch still water trout. Not a lot of people like to or seek out still water trout fishing, especially fly-fisherman , but this is a highly overlooked and super fun way to catch fish, especially this time of year when there is only a few rivers available to fish. The only difference in catching still water trout and river trout is that in a river the food is being brought to the fish, and in a lake or pond the fish have to go and find the food. With the trout having to search for their food this means that you get to spot moving fish, and make a cast towards a moving target, rather than a stationary river trout, and one may go as far to say this has a slight saltwater fishing feel to it, which I find highly appealing. Suggested places to fish are of coarse Spinney and Eleven Mile, there are reports of good fish being caught this past week, as well as Rampart Reservoir, and Tarryal Reservoir. Do some research to find some smaller lakes, there are too many to list on here, but it's a darn safe bet most bodies of water above Denver will be holding trout. So definitely give this a shot, it will open up a whole new cans of worms, hopefully figuratively, in your fly-fishing game.

2. Denver Area Ponds: There is absolutely something to be said about casually rolling out of your house on a Saturday morning at about 8:30, and getting to the place your fishing at about 9. There are great places to fish here in town, though you may not be casting a dry-fly to a dozen rising trout, there are still so many super fun freshwater fish to catch. I would suggest fishing for bass and carp around the Chatfield State Park area, as well as the ponds below Chatfield. You can also make it out to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, because wading is open on the weekends. Do some exploring and you will be surprised at what you will find.

3. South Platte Deckers: I'm not sure which is worse, having to mention fly- fishing at Deckers one more time, or leaving it out of the suggesting places to fish this weekend. It is about an hour from Denver which is very doable for a day trip, and unless the thousands of trout decided to it was time to end it all and hop on the bank, there is going to be some great fish to be caught this weekend. The river clarity has increased dramaticly and fishing is great, the fish are going to be tight on the bank due to the high water, but they will still eagerly take a bug. Make sure you have on your wading belt and wade safely because the water is moving fast, and last time I checked their isn't a big net at the bottom of the river catching washed down fly-fisherman. Flies: Big stoneflies and worms.

4. Cheeseman Canyon: Right now the 'Canyon is very a safe bet because the fishing is really good, the water is super high at 1300 cfs, but the fish are still eating very well. The challenge is going to be getting your flies down to the fish rather than getting them to take because they are eating big bugs and anything thats is coming their way. Fish will be tight to the bank and in soft water, and fish a worm or big stonefly top fly and a smaller bead-head dropped off of it, not to complicated right now.

5. Yampa River: This is the furthest drive for fish that I'm listing but the Yampa is fishing pretty darn well right now. Below Stagecoach Reservior is fishing best with the clearest water, but down below at Sarvis creek and in town the water is off colro but the fish are still looking to eat and these sections are not to be overlooked. If fishing right below the damn, smaller midges and beatis patterns will work best, and if lower on the river fish bigger flies that are easy to see like san juan worms. (Be aware of property boudries below the damn)

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