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Trouts Journal

Who's Fishing this Weekend?

Ivan Orsic / May 31, 2019

At this point, it's no secret. Everyone's favorite big bug has been spotted on the middle Colorado and we've had plenty of people swinging by the shop to stock up on big, juicy Salmon Flies in the hopes that they might catch the hatch on the Colly this weekend. If you choose to fish the salmon fly hatch this weekend, we certainly can't blame you. It's one of the coolest emergences of the year. But, if you're looking to beat the crowds this weekend, conditions are looking really good throughout the state and there are plenty of great options to be had around the Centennial State!

Upper Arkansas - With solid visibility and prime flows for wading, the upper Arkansas is holding steady and fishing really well. Blue-wings, hopper-dropper rigs and streamers should all produce as the weather looks optimal for productive fishing all weekend long. Shotglass Baetis. Green Caddis Larva, Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulators, Psycho Prince, Rainbow Warrior, Barr's Emerger, and Pablo's Cripple should all produce fish.

Roaring Fork - If you're looking to float, this is more of a boom or bust option. Flows on the Middle Roaring Fork have stabilized and some birdies have told me that the clarity is rounding out well for some bueno streamer fishing. Yes, I said bueno. Did I tell you I just came back from Cuba? I'm so worldly now. Anyways, back to the Roaring Fork. You gotta risk it to get the biscuit. Take a chance with your favorite black, white, yellow, or tan streamers and you could have a banner day on the Roaring Fork.

Lakes & Reservoirs - With the recent cool weather we've received in Colorado, stillwaters remain a great option as fish will remain close enough to reach from shore. Worms, scuds, Hare's Ears, Eggs, Chironomids, Balanced Leeches and the like will all put fish in the net. No need for light tippet either - 4x is the lightest I would throw in the big stillwaters like Spinney, 11 Mile, and Antero this weekend.

Dream Stream - With flows holding steady around 87 cfs on the Dream Stream, consistent fishing with fish keying in on caddis and blue-wings can certainly make for a weekend day well spent. With some afternoon clouds set to roll through South Park on Saturday and Sunday, there's certainly a good chance of seeing fish key in on Blue-Wings and hopefully you'll find a pod of rising trout. I like buckskins and jigged Mayer's Mini Leeches on the Dream this time of year.

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