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At Trouts Fly Fishing we strive to offer high-quality educational content and classes to all levels of anglers. From educational videos to private instruction we have you covered.


Throughout the process of getting people into the sport of fly fishing, we have been very lucky to meet and create some great relationships with our customers. Two of those customers are Jenn and Josh, who started their fly fishing careers by first taking our Orvis 101 and subsequently just about every other class or seminar we offer. Here is what they had to say:

Trouts: How did participating in the Trouts Education Curriculum help break down some of the barriers of fly fishing for you?

Josh: The Intro 101 and monthly classes (Bugs for Beginners/guest speakers) gave my wife and I the confidence to fish on our own. When we first started out, neither of us knew how to cast properly or the basic fly fishing terminology. The Trouts staff has always been extremely helpful and the 301 Fishing Lesson helped us hone our skills.

Trouts: What was your takeaway?

Josh: First and foremost, our takeaway has been "Keep it simple" and "Color, Size & Shape." When we first started fly fishing, we didn't know the techniques, where to fish or what flies to use. After several classes with Trouts, we now have the confidence to travel to new rivers/lakes/ponds and venture out on our own. More often than not we catch a few fish. Fly fishing has taken us to some beautiful spots we wouldn’t have visited otherwise.

Trouts: Would you recommend Trouts to a friend? Why or why not?

Josh: Yes absolutely. The staff is genuinely interested in your development and learning while making sure you're successful and having fun fishing.


Fly Fishing is going to continually throw new challenges at anglers. That is why at Trouts we believe in helping you build a strong foundation that will set you up for success and have fun during the process. We are proud to offer an education curriculum that can be customized to every skill level of angler. If you have never picked up a fly rod in your life we are prepared to help you begin your journey with the soon to be addiction. If you are past the beginner stage and just want to better understand entomology, our Bugs for Beginners Class is perfect. If you are a lifelong angler that just wants to fine tune your double-haul for a dream trip to Christmas Island, we got you covered. This brings us back to you, we want to cater this educational experience to your needs. By building a relationship with our customers from his/her first interaction with us, we can gain a better understanding of how we can help.

At Trouts, we understand that having a strong foundation as an angler will prepare you for whatever fly fishing can throw at you. That is why we take great pride in helping anglers of all levels. Young or old, male or female, complete novice or vastly experienced we understand that there is always something new. We hang our hat on building personal relationships with each and every customer that walks through the door. By building these relationships we have a better understanding of what, why, and how we can help further educate you as an angler. Whether you are just picking up a fly rod or preparing to chase a completely new species we have the experience that will help you succeed in the sport.

Our education curriculum is geared towards all learning styles, from private casting lessons, in house Orvis 101’s or on the water schools, we want to provide each and every angler with the opportunity to improve his or her skillset. For all of you who can’t make it to the classes or events, we are pleased to provide you with tutorial videos on casting, knot tying or anything else you can imagine.

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