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Submission Guidelines

The CURRENT – Editorial and Photo Submission Guideline - 2020

The CURRENT has strict editorial guidelines and we’d like all potential contributors to read through these guidelines in detail prior to submitting a story or idea for evaluation and inclusion in this print publication. Fly fishing is a sport of experience and Trouts strives to be the centerpiece of this amazing pastime for our customers. Most importantly, we value our customers experience on the water and we believe that the content we provide can elevate that experience and create new fly fishing opportunities.

It is our commitment to our readers and our shop customers to meet their fishing needs and exceed their expectations, whether it be in store, online, on the water or in this case, the written word.


Feature Stories:

Feature Stories for the CURRENT focus on entertainment, experience and education. Topics to think about when submitting a Feature include adventure experience, off-the-beaten-path travel, culture, personal essay, or conservation. If the story is wildly compelling to you – it’s probably going to be compelling to our readers. Dig deep and provide the story behind the story – or tell us what really makes a place special.

These are not how-to or where to pieces and they are not hands-on instructional or tactical. It’s not that we don’t want to share instructional information with our readers, we just do so in other departments, see below. If we’ve read the story before – or a very similar story – chances are low that we will accept it for publication. Features should tell a story and are geared to more toward experienced anglers, but also should be digestible and inspirational for new anglers as well. Features are encouraged to be off-the-beaten fly fishing path.

Word Count for features: 750-2000 words.

Photography and Art: Be interesting and stay away from standard grip-and-grins, rod-reel-over the shoulder, etc. See photo and image guidelines below

Feature Profiles

These are longer in-depth profiles of anglers. We want to know their story – where they came from, how they evolved and who they are today – and most importantly why they have an impact on fishing, or a fishery, or a specific issue related to fly fishing.

Word Count: 800-1000 Words

Travel & Experience

The Travel & Experience Features is where we get a bit technical on a specific aspect of the sport. These are how-to or where-to pieces that are hands-on strategic, instructional, tactical. One thing we won’t do in this department is to “hot spot” new areas or fisheries that are in Colorado. This is about doing a deep dive on a specific technique or teaching about a nuance of a specific fishery during a time of year that is either well known or commercially fished. It is not about sharing secret spots.

Word count For Travel & Experience 500-1000 words.


Gear Locker & Boat Bag

This department is focused on fly fishing gear reviews. This can be about a rod, reel, apparel, boots, waders, terminal tackle, or any other compelling piece of equipment that you have used.

Word count for Gear Locker & Boat Bag 500 words.


Compact essays about fly fishing that rely on experiential knowledge or in-the-field anecdotes that will help a new or experienced angler fish more efficiently.

Word count for the Education Department 500-750 words.

On The Water Essays

Think of these as “micro features.” Less is more. Create a story and make it pop. Extra points if you make us laugh out loud (but remember… humor in writing is tough).

Word count for On The Water Essays are 500-750 words.

They Said It - Micro Profiles

This is a short and punchy Q&A which profiles an interesting person in fly fishing or within the industry. This must be accompanied with compelling art and photography support.

Word Count: This will be four to six questions and 400-600 words total word count

The Bug Life

This type of article focuses on entomology and an insect that anglers should find interesting and compelling – and specific to Colorado – or perhaps and insect that is worth traveling for. This should be a mix of detailed entomology as well as field experience with said bug+river+fish. Also including a tie in with patterns that an angler should think about should be included as well (either tying or filling their box).

Word Count: 600-800 Words

DIY and Off the Grid

Strictly DIY and high octane adventure. These need to be compelling adventures outside of the easy-to-reach destinations that most experienced anglers have pursued on our own. We don’t expect a lot of these submissions, so if you’re going to take the time to write a piece, make sure it is going to raise our eyebrows.

Supporting photography and compelling art is a must.

Word Count: 1000-1200 Words

The Fine Print and Submission Instructions

The CURRENT welcomes stories, ideas, art and photo contributions from writers, artists, and content creators around the world. The CURRENT will consider, but assumes no responsibility for unsolicited proposals, manuscripts and photographs. The CURRENT is not responsible for unsolicited contributions and assumes all submissions are original work created by the submitter. Please do not submit any content, copy or photography that has been published before, owned by another media outlet or not owned entirely by you.

Submitting work to the CURRENT is easy! Please send a formal query to info@troutsflyfishing.com that includes the following:

A short overview or description of the story: who, what when, why and how this is important or impactful to a reader of the CURRENT.

Which department the story belongs in the CURRENT based on the above description and word count. (i.e. Feature, Feature Profile, Education, etc)

Word Count of the Story

Submitters contact information including name, phone, email, and mailing address

If your query is accepted Trouts will contact you about submitting the story.


SUBMIT all digital imagery ivan@troutsflyfishing.com via email or via file transfer apps like WeTransfer.

1. All digital submissions MUST have all metadata fully embedded, including photographer name, contact info, caption, model and location info. We will NOT consider any digital submissions lacking metadata.

2. Initial submissions are accepted as JPEG previews - NO LONGER THAN 2000px on the longest edge. NO BORDERS OR WATERMARKS.

3. Limit initial submissions to 12 photos or less - unless they’re being submitted in association with a written piece.

4. If selected for consideration, a RAW file in the .DNG format with your adjustments embedded will be requested and required for printing. Please do not send a .JPEG or .TIFF file exported as a .DNG. We need full raw data in order to print your image at the best possible quality.

5. Please rename your images to include your last name and first initial in the filename of all submission and keep this naming structure throughout the entire process.


Owner of copyright retains all copyright on any photo submitted to The Current magazines, their websites and newsletters. Trouts Fly Fishing reserves non-exclusive publication rights on images in its magazines and electronic medias upon submission of the work. All photos will be credited to the photographer. By submitting photos for publication in The CURRENT magazine you are stipulating to us that you own the copyright to these photographs or have permission from the copyright holder to submit these photographs. You are granting Trouts Fly Fishing a non-exclusive license to use the photograph in its submitted form, subject to re-sizing to fit the magazine format, for publication online or in any of Trouts Fly Fishing’s social media outlets. Once an image is submitted, you are granting Trouts Fly Fishing permission to use it for promotion in The CURRENT, online, on Trouts Fly Fishing social media, and to put the Trouts Fly Fishing logo on it.

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